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About Me

LaTrice Amanda Strong is an artist from Washington DC, formally known as Chocolate City with an MFA in Creative Writing, specializing in Writing for Television and Film, having an MA in Public Relations, and having an M.Ed in Educational Leadership. A change agent in her community, LaTrice uses her combined expertise by facilitating educational workshops to awaken the mind, body, and soul of adolescent youth by incorporating the performing arts under Honor U Performance Arts Academy, Inc. A non-profit that she founded.  When LaTrice Amanda is not working with youth, she writes and produces, bringing content to life under her production company, A LaTrice Production. LaTrice's ultimate goal is to create characters that trigger one to find humor in unusual circumstances or characters that will emotionally pull on audiences' hearts. LaTrice's philosophy is "Life is equivalent to a three-act structure, and it is full of meet-cute moments and plot twists." 


Personal Statement 

Ever since I was a child  I had the strong desire to be a storyteller. When other little girls would play with their dolls, my mother would always find me sitting in a corner with my notebook writing stories and getting lost in my imagination. I am a storyteller and a performer. I love having the ability to create compelling stories and rich characters that will not only entertain audiences but will move the hearts of others.